Dreaming of a website that communicates your projects, knowledge and corporate values sharper than today? Do you want to start afresh or optimize what’s already there? Whether you are leaning towards cheaper DIY solutions, or the premium agency and developer package, I can help you through the project. Together, we will find a realistic path, where both ecomony, effort and own skills and capacity meet the value you want in return.


Social Media

Are you already on top of social media, or are you still unsure of the value that platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook can add to your business? I can help you (back) on track with a digital strategy, identifying overall targets and key messages and providing specific concepts and implementation plans. From here, you can take over or I can support you through the execution.



Your clients’ email adresses are your strongest marketing weapon. Knowing who your clients are and what they’re interested in allows you to tailor personal messages for them. This is crucial if you want to break through the noise from everyone else fighting for your target group’s attention. Newsletters are still an important digital communications tool, and I can help you get started.


Want to strengthen your digital communication together with me? Find me on LinkedIn – or give me a call.